Using a website for your company supplies a very clear benefit. Most clients automatically begin their hunt for a service or product on the internet!  Setting up a small business website is an important and relatively simple task.

“You can not get found if you are not online,” states Steven Aldrich, Senior Vice President of Business Software at GoDaddy.

Many small business owners are daunted by the possibility and believe they lack the abilities to register a domain name, build and upgrade a small business site, and put up an online shopping cart. What they do not understand is that establishing a small business site is more economical and simpler than ever. It can readily be carried out in a day with easily available resources.

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With websites such as Yahoo! Small Business and GoDaddy you are able to do this for under $10 each year. Expect to pay extra for longer in-demand titles or people among the developing tendency of fancier generic top-level domain names such as .pizza, .photography or even .vegas, to mention only a couple. For a tiny additional fee, you may find a domain-based email address, also.

Mobile optimization, ample bandwidth, search engine optimization (search engine optimization ) and an infinite number of web pages, in addition to the domain name — for about $100-$120 annually, on average — make for appealing ROI. SEO may have a large influence on the organic position of your website and may be achieved through affiliate links, content exchanges, paid directories, and a number of other link-building strategies. CMS programs like WordPress use simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing where you can merely drag text and images onto the page and immediately update information.

GoDaddy and Yahoo! SMB ” provide small businesses the chance to have a site hosted on sources that somebody else manages to get a rather modest monthly fee, also onto a stage which you could readily adjust and maintain possession of,” states Michel Theriault, creator of Success Gas for Managers.

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Theriault assembled a series of sites due to his assorted management consulting jobs and, a self-described winner, assemble them himself. However, as with anything,”believe the price of your own time,” he warns.

If your needs are basic then setting up a small business website should be straightforward, consider giving it a try. Otherwise, employ a programmer to use WordPress for you for a few hundred bucks or up to $1,000; hiring a programmer to code a small business site from scratch may cost upwards of $10,000.

“You are not a site design specialist and you do not want to become one,” Aldrich supports. The point is that you do not have to understand just one line of code.


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